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Here is your FREE tip for today.

Here is your FREE tip for today.

"Jasmine Pearl" lost yesterday it's certainly been one of those weeks!

Oh by the way Shaun was up with his wife from 1am in the morning and all day at the hospital until little baby decided he wasn't ready to meet his parents face to face yet...Watch this space!

I have a couple of things lined up for you today, just to make your Saturday just that little bit more interesting!

Shouldn't we be out fixing the garden fence or something?

Actually my chores this weekend are a new Rabbit Pen (another!) and painting the guttering, yep our house is so old it's still has metal gutters.

Sorry got a little carried away so lets get back to the important stuff.

First treat...

FREE Tips from Above all odds.

I was talking to Tim Burke and was asking him if I could give you a taster of his site.

That's when he told me he has a Free Saturday Bulletin.

If you click the link to early it will still show last Saturdays, so wait to about 10-30 for the update.

Secondly I wanted to see what was possible with a 1000pts bank.

We have been discussing various parts of horse racing lately, so I though why not have a go and see if we can really make money from betting on the horses.

Yes I know we can, but there are a lot of people out there that have still not got the hang of it!

So here is what I want to do.

Starting with a bank of 1000pts I want to see how quickly I can double it using a few the sources I recommend in this newsletter.

I am going to use two systems...

Turner's Winners Galore. (sp)

Turner's Winning Ways. (sp)

...and 3 Tipsters

Stop at a Winner "Investment System"

Above All Odds "System Analysis"(sP)

Turners Tips "Two a Day Nap"(sP)

I will use a 50pts a bet on each selection and although I believe in using a staking system for this experiment we will not use any.

Except... If we get a selection for the "Investment System" then I will divide our current bank by 5 and use that as our each way stake.

For obvious reasons I cannot tell you what bets I am placing in the morning you will have to join the services yourself for that, but I hope you trust me enough


I think the setup is pretty fair, nearly everything is SP except the "Investment System" and that only needs you to spend about 15 mins before each race to check out the current odds.

Just to make it even more interesting I want to include one more bet...

Shaun and I have noticed that quite a few of the "Investment System" horses are winning at pretty good odds so I will place a 10pt bet on each selection that does not reach 3/1.

Lets see what happens!

As an added treat, I thought when Shaun comes up with the "Investment Selections" today I will email them out to you...So watch out for a second email.

Have a good days racing.

Todays tip is from:

My Daily Nap

Race: 3.55 Chest

Tip 1: Foxtrot Too Stake: 35pts

Tip 2: Abelard Stake: 25pts

Betting Forecast: 9/10 Decimal 1.9

Betfair: 1.9.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Best of Luck


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