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16th May 2008

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

You may remember me saying that I have started training to do a Triathlon later this year, which for someone who spends most of his life in front of a computer (and TV) is quite an undertaking.

Anyway I am actually doing quite well especially if you consider I started from an almost zero fitness level. I can not swim nearly 200 meters, I ran 4km's last night and am now riding (when I get chance) over 20km. The main problem is time so at the moment I seem to be training every spare minute but I must admit I do enjoy it. So with not F1 GP this weekend you can guess what I will be doing!

We had another winner with the new Guest Selection (back 4 profit) yesterday. Today's will probably seem a little strange because the favourite, isn't the favourite but that's just how it happens, the selection process is proving to be pretty good and I am trying to get all the results into an order that you can all read.

I was going to tell you more about Nat's TSF Tennis but just didn't get chance to so I will let you know more about it next week.

We have been working on the Betdaq API interface for GHB all week and have finally got it working correctly so a couple of more days of testing and the first beta should be ready for users, In fact this one has had so much testing I expect the full release wont be far after the beta anyway.

My rambles have been on the quiet side this week, so next week I will do my best to open up some more interesting discussions.

Have a great weekend.
New Lay Test

2.10 York: Flying Clarets EP 8.8 3rd 6/1
3.10 York: New Seeker EP 13 5th 8/1

Ok yesterday was the last for this test here, if you want to continue getting these selections please go to....

New Greyhound Lay system I had come up with.

After some thought I think that the only way to run this system is as a "Stop in Profit". I am going to keep the maximum odds set to 6.00 and I am going to be a little naughty and add in a lay ladder staking plan.

12:18, Sund, Grapsys Gaffer
12:47, Sund, September Tango
12:58, Sheff, Marys Dance
13:27, Sheff, In A Dream
14:27, Romfd, Rockchase Cyril
14:37, Crayfd, Meadow Lark Girl
15:07, Romfd, Blonde Freddy
16:08, Romfd, Kaylin Joe
16:57, Crayfd, Alone Denise
17:17, Crayfd, Bodens Bandit
17:56, Romfd, Dash Dottie Dash
18:28, Sittb, Fantasia
20:13, Newc, Isabels Fancy
21:22, Sittb, Westmead Vieri
21:.3, Newc, Ruby Red
21:45, Newc, Hollin Native

( I finished early, no point taking a risk with only a few races left)

11:42, Wstow, Lochbo Buddy
12:18, HGrn, Monumentious
12:27, Wstow, Johnstown Polly
12:58, Wstow, Mullvester
14:47, Swin, Joeys Cobbler
15:17, Monm, Reenview Poppy
15:17, Monm, Hilton Zola
16:47, Swin, Tromora Castle
17:17, Monm, Baggies Rocket
17:22, Swin, Rocket Ronaldo
18:04, Monm, Foyle Hill
18:11, Swin, Quicksandyquick
19:22, Nott, Edembet Freddie
19:37, Nott, Nametab Anubis
20:58, Sheff, Santiago Tom
21:22, Nott, Blueisthecolour
21:37, Nott, Gazes Image
22:23, Sheff, Glass Moss Girl

Please remember this is a new test and there are no rules yet.

Guest Selection (back 4 profit)
This is a new back test.
I am going to show dutching with a £5 stake split between the two bets using my dutch calculator .

I am not sure about NR's, the favourite does tend to win most of the time, with the second favourite about a 3rd of the time so it could be worth backing the the second if the favourite is a NR. If the second favourite is a NR then you can take the next runner in the betting.

4.30 Exet
2.50 Salis:
Naughty Thoughts EP 1.99 (Dutch stake £2.91) 1st 4/7
Uig EP 2.78 (Dutch stake £2.09) 2nd 3/1

7.25 Ham
Captain Webb EP 4.8
Bold Choice EP 3.65

These selections may seem a little weired today, but hopefully the results will be the same, I hope so because dutching will produce a nice profit at these prices.

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Gray's Lay's

Comments for today: Good Morning to you all. Nice result for us yesterday with both considered horses going down and yet another odds on one. On to today three considered and we have selected 2035 Hamilton Turbo Linn. the other two were 1500 Newmarket Wingbeat and 1535 Newmarket Transcend. Be aware of significant non runners Good Luck

2035 Hamilton, Turbo Linn

Gray's Lay's

Malcolm's Selections
Best Lay of the Day
18.20 Newm, Maghya 1st 7/2

Today: 16.30 Newb, Nutkin

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

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Place System: Started 20-11-2006

This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9. 3 Place 8 runner races only.
Points since we started + 70.97
Points new system (30/07/07) +29.34

14:30, Perth, Charming Knight, EP 2.34 2nd (2 nr's)
15:35, Perth, Sting EP 2.26 (*) 4th
17:50, Newmarket, Brae Hill EP 2.3 2nd
20:00, Newmarket, Without A Prayer EP 3.15(*) (Strange name for a racing horse!) 1st LOL
20:20, Folkestone, Hatsnall EP 2.48 4th
20:40, Ludlow, Kings Rhythm, EP 2.12 (*) NR

14:40, York, Sergeant Cecil, EP 3.3
14:50, Newbury, Rosa Grace, EP 2.3
16:55, York, Laterly EP 2.2

(*) No bet under new system idea


Back test system
Started 13/12/2007. We orginally tested this as a "lay" system but I felt the results were better suited to a "Back" system and so that is how we are now testing it.
£10 stakes.

Level Stakes
£-18.49(after 5% commision) Started 25/01/2008
Using a staking plan similar to CashMaster, started 11/3/2008 after a win on the 10/3/2008.
Bank(staking plan) - £10.51 (staking running loss £69.01 )
14:40, York, Twice Over EP 1.66 (No staking as price is under 2.0 normal £10 stake) 3rd 4/6
(Having a bad run at the moment)

14:40, York, Honolulu EP 2.36 (Staking stake 50.74)

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing laying these selections.

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