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16th November 2007 2007

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I think this is going to be another working weekend for me I have a lot of ideas that I want to look at and I need to finish the "Triple Treats" site for David. I will tell you more about this on Monday.

I know many of you have been waiting for the launch of this site it's just I wanted to push David to test for a bit longer and I am now pretty confident these selections have worked well.

If you want to see the results up to a few days ago then read on.

Before I give you the download links please read through the following so you can see how David shows the results.

"I show the results using SP, legally it is the only real way to proof results and I think you will find in most cases the lays are not far from SP.

Because we feed the results from a database you will notice the SP is split into to columns but you should be able to follow it easily.

There are two types of bet: "Win" which is the normal back bet and "Lay" which is a bet on betfair for the horse to lose.

Because I developed both selections processes differently I actually show the results differently.

Triple Treats are in colour. Red is the "Win" bet and if it wins the odds are shown if it loses then it shows as Lost and there will be a minus in the red column.

The "Lay" bets are in Blue and normally marked as "Won" which means the horse Lost the race. If a lost is shown then you will see a minus figure (worked out on SP) in the Blue column.

The Black columns shows you what would happen if you "Win" and "Lay" both selections.

Back and Lay is slight different it shows clearly if the bet was a "Win" or "Lay". If it is a "Win" bet then "won" means the runner won the race and "Lost" it didn't. If it is a "Lay" bet then "Won" means we lost because the horse won the race and "Lost" means we won because the horse lost the race which is it what we wanted.

I know they are little strange but it is never easy to explain that one!

I have put the files in excel and pdf format. For those of you who have excel may want to do more calculation to find out if you can squeeze more profit out. If you don't have excel then I am afraid you will have to look at the PDF version which you can print if you wish to.



The Site should be live by Monday.
From Nat at TSF e-Zine

Discipline or to be more precise. Lack of it is the curse of a many a newbie trader, I have seen it written over and over again

'I had a stop loss in place but when it came down to it I just couldn't hit the button, I thought if I just hold on a second it may turn around'

I'm often asked are there any programs that I would recommend that have automatic stop loss features incorporated into them that can be used for sports trading? Well of course there is, it's a standard feature now for the most part! But is that really the answer? Is that really what you are looking for or need?

I would say probably not and after you have put yourself through the mill often enough you WILL learn that when it's time to get out, you don't think about it you just GET OUT!

But for those that take longer to learn this valuable lesson there is another option and it's an option that's very difficult to get wrong. The ultimate stop loss function that will never fail you, what is this remarkable piece of sooper dooper software that you have never seen before? Read on and find out

Well it's not software at all it simply requires you to concentrate on trading very short priced selections in the region of 1.01-1.20. Concentrate on laying sure things!

But surely you are going to be losing all the time right? WRONG! It's a little goldmine and tick after tick after tick is there to be taken. You can still implement a stop loss, but you can trade with the confidence of knowing that should you fail to get that stop loss in, there is only so much you can lose.

Just this afternoon (Thursday), such an opportunity presented itself. In the fourth ODI between India and Pakistan. India were trading very low (sub 1.10) and looked to have the game in the bag, when they lost a quick wicket, instantly the price went out 10 ticks, shortly after they lost another wicket and were trading at 1.30 for a time. Now the game still looked in the bag and indeed India went on to finish the job comfortably, but nether the less fantastic profits were there for the trader to take!

Don't for one second think these are isolated incidents that don't occur often enough, they happen every day and the majority of sports events offer up something. Tennis is a great avenue to look at as well as Cricket, football and many, many more sports.

Laying and then backing back very short priced fav's is a great area for the trader to fish in and the newbie's amongst us need never miss their stop loss again!

Keep it Green
A reader named Gary.
These are for laying, I do suggest people only do this on paper for the moment, since it is still in testing. However results have been very positive so far, it has had 1 or 2 bad days, but has recovered them quite quickly:


16/11/2007, 12.04, Hall Green BAGS, All Time Love, 3
16/11/2007, 12.32, Hall Green BAGS, Thanks John, 4
16/11/2007, 12.42, Walthamstow BAGS, Offshore Mill, 5
16/11/2007, 12.47, Hall Green BAGS, Java Mick, 5
16/11/2007, 13.04, Hall Green BAGS, Miss Kelly, 2
16/11/2007, 13.33, Hall Green BAGS, Natural Jo, 4
16/11/2007, 13.44, Walthamstow BAGS, Townhill Blues, 3
16/11/2007, 14.08, Swindon BAGS, Terrys Pride, 1
16/11/2007, 16.37, Monmore BAGS, Blue Fox Nicky, 2
16/11/2007, 18.04, Monmore BAGS, Severe Sentence, 2
16/11/2007, 19.52, Nottingham BAGS, Eliza Dream, 4
16/11/2007, 22.22, Nottingham BAGS, Creamy Butter, 6

There is no staking involved just level stakes. I will get Gary to send me all his results so far so that we can put them in to a web page.
I have received quite a few emails about the Voodoo system and I think I have to agree with many of them that you will normally win 8 out of 10 times which means that you may make money over time, but it could be a very up and down struggle. You may find it better to stop as soon as you are in profit, which means most days you could finish on the first race.

I suppose if you like the thrill of watching the race and trading in the way described in the system then it could be for you, but I much prefer my trading to be a little less stressful so I don't personally like the idea much.

I may well see if I can add a new feature to the Grey Horse Bot so it could be done automatically but I am not sure how popular it would be and how easy it would be to add.

Don't forget you need to be able to bet all day to use this system.

2. Guest Selection - Brian's and Graham's win tips.
Brian and Graham's win tips are shortish priced but very consistent.

1330 Ludlow SOVIET SCEPTRE betfair 2.92 1st 7/4

Here are today's (win bets)
12.35 Newcastle Stagecoach Diamond 1.66 Betfair

3. Place System (win Bet) - Started 20-11-2006
This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9. 3 Place 8 runner races only.
Points since we started + 54.22
Points new system (30/07/07) + 18.73

14.20, Lingfield, Sweet Mischief, EP- 4.6 (*) 3rd
15.40, Taunton, Caislean na deirge, EP-2.14 7th

14.45, Lingfield, Accolation, EP 2.32

(*) No bet under new system idea
4. Miracle System (win Bet)
Normal:  13:00, Ludlow , Chrysander 1st 8/11
Pts 2007: +4.61
Top Choice:  15:00, Ludlow, Lake Imperial 25pts PU 4/6
Pts 2007: +0.53
Bank =631.45

Normal: 12:35, Newcastle, Stagecoach Diamond
Top Choice: 12:35, Newcastle, Stagecoach Diamond 50 pts

(we are trying an experiment with the Top Choice selection and the points are based on where we are in the staking plan. 25pts is the level stakes bet and we started with a 500pts bank on the 22/06/2007)
You can purchase this system here:
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6. "Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
13.40 Taun, Five Two 4th 5/2

Today: 14.20 Newc, Bleu Pois

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

The Lay Betting SystemAdvantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
3) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
4) UK or IRE races
5) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
6) Now on V4
7) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
8) Owners get free updates
9) Now includes Lay Place System.
10) Now includes AW System
11) Now includes the Investment System
If you own your own website you can makes some money by promoting the "Lay Betting System"


You can also have this tip delivered as content to your own website.
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7. Today's sponsor tip
The Almost Certain Lay

Selection 1: 1.00 Ling, Nice Wee Girl
Selection 2: 2.45 Ling, Accolation

Set a maximum amount as your liability, then divide that figure by the > available odds.

EG. £100 / (8.8 - 1) = 12.82 so your stake is £12.82.

The Almost Certain Lay

8. Greyhound Selections- Lay System started 07/11/2006.

Sorry no more Greyhound Selections after 6 months of testing!
If you subscribe to the Grey Horse bot then you can still load the session file in.

Or there are still a few copies of the system left.

9. Ace Naps - (Back Tip)

Ace Nap (back tip)
This is selection method David and I are testing at the moment, there are not many tips but when there are they seem to win a lot.

How do you reserve your copy?

Simple, send an email to me with "Reserve my copy of Ace Naps" in subject.

Clicking here should do it automatically but please make sure that "Reserve my copy of Ace Naps" is in the subject.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


P.S. How about something different...

We make every effort to supply high quality tips, but we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred by any persons using these tips or any of the information provided.

This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

You can use it on your website but all links must be kept in place.
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