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17th March 2008

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

It was a great Australian F1 GP (yes I did get up and watch it live) and I am so pleased to see Hamilton start the season so well, although by the pace of Kimi (mistakes ignored) I don't think he will have many races that seem that easy, especially as BMW seem to have a car that can challenge as well.

Some idiot decided to hack the forum on the weekend, I think we have fixed it now but my apologies if you tried to have a look but couldn't.


Lay test

Friday was a very profitable day and Saturday got as to within a few pence of our £60.00 tartget so I think we can say our first pot is complete and we now have to decide what to do with it.

We started with a bank of £300 and split it into 5 making each pot £60.00. Please remember that I have been taking the 5% off for Betfairs commission so this is a fair and accurate test especially as I have been showing the real prices that I have got through GHB.

So now we have several choices.
1. Divide our new bank by 5 again
2. Just put the complete pot asside so that we have 6 pots to play with.
3. Take the completed pot as profit and put it in the bank.
4. Put some of it asside for safe keeping (say 50%) and then add the rest to the original bank and the divide this by 5.

Which one you choose will depend on your circumstances, but for this test we are trying to build up our bank, so my choice is going to take our new bank and divide it by 5 again.

£300 + 59.56 / 5 = 71.92, to make it easy to remember we will round it down to £70.00 so we have £9.56 safe!

One thing to remember that since we started testing, so far we have not lost any more than about 50% of our first pot. Although it took us a little longer than I was hoping to get our first pot we did get there in the end.

Although we had to go through two losers, David hasn't he has won constantly using "Stop at the first winner".

I really do think we have finally come up with a lay system that although the prices are not very low they are manageable and you can tell from my own results that we are starting to make progress.

Anyway we will continue this test for a couple more weeks to see what happens.

Yesterday (Friday and Saturday) results
2.15 Chelt: Silverhand EP 16.5 1oth 12/1 (I got 16.50)3.67
3.30 Chelt: Exotic Dancer EP 15 5th 17/2 (I got 13) 4.75
5.30 Fak: Schelm EP 70 NR
8.50 Kemp: One To Follow EP 10.5 7th 4/1 (I got 13) 4.75

3.50 Ling: Maltese Falcon EP 9 5th 7/1 (I got 9.20) 6.95
5.20 Weth: Tarabaloo EP 1000! 1st 7/2 but this was a definite No bet with 9 nr's and I didn't get a match through GHB.
8.50 Kemp: Hollywood George EP 55 11th 16/1 (I got 29.00) 2.03
Pot 1 was completed here at £59.56. We have now added this to our original bank and then divided it by 5 again. Our new pot target is £70.00

4.30 Wolv: Our Jane EP 1000

Pot 2 now stands at £0.00 (Target £70.00)

I should have time tomorrow to post the tips to the tips page, but it wont be early!

New Greyhound Lay system I had come up with.

We didn't make anything on Friday after we lost again on the first race. But again the prices were not to bad and we had 4 winners. I want to keep running this test for a few more days before I begin to decide how to use the selections in the future.

Yesterday's (Friday's)
15:43, Swin, Westown Pearl
16:54, Swin, Summerfield Top
16:54, Swin, Oldfield Olive
17:18, Monm, Ingys Aphrodite
17:28, Swin, Knockillon Star (look up the results)

Here are today's
11:28, Sheff, Honest Regards
12:04, Swin, Springville Jena
14:18, Wstow, Fools And Horses
14:47, Monm, Unrealistic
14:47, Monm, Elderberry Polly
17:22, Monm, Hamilton Hocks

Please remember this is a new test and there are no rules yet.

Guest Selection
I have a couple of guest selections lined up for you.
The first is from "Wrightyoh"

"After reading and studying numerous laying guides and ideas I have come up with a system using the racing post forecast favourites. In a nutshell this is done by comparing the forecast favourite with the other runners and trying to find at least two other runners that have a good chance of beating the forecast favourite. I am not just looking at negative factors for the favourite but comparing these factors against the other runners. The races I select need to have 7 runners or more for the sake of probability and are usually hcps. "

Wrightyoh is testing two systems but there won't always be a selection on both systems.
Sys 1.
No Bet
Sys 2
No Bet

Sys 1
No Bet
Sys 2
No Bet

Remember these are "Lay" selections.

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Comments for today: The weights favour BLUE SKY THINKING who did so well at this level last spring but he is returning from another substantial absence today. Red Rudy has been running well over much shorter but this trip is as far as he cares to go and preference is for Royal Embrace who had quite a decent winter and is at home over this C&D.

Nap (Lay)
Selection 1: Wolverhampton 14:30 BLUE SKY THINKING

Stop at a Winner (lay)
Selection 1: Wolverhampton 17:00 BRAVE HAWK


Malcolm's Selections
Best Lay of the Day
no nap

Today: Sorry no nap again today.

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

The Lay Betting SystemAdvantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
3) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
4) UK or IRE races
5) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
6) Now on V4
7) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
8) Owners get free updates
9) Now includes Lay Place System.
10) Now includes AW System
11) Now includes the Investment System
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Place System: Started 20-11-2006

This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9. 3 Place 8 runner races only.
Points since we started + 77.12
Points new system (30/07/07) + 35.68

Yesterday: (Friday)
14:00, Lingfield, Seductive Witch, EP 2.1 2nd ( a nr would have made this less we say 1.5)
16:15, Fakenham Jewel Song, EP 2.1 5th
20:50, Kempton, Lorikeet EP 2.38 2nd

15:00, Wolverhampton, Franksalot, EP 2.5
16:50, Taunton, Beat The System EP 3.05 (*)
17:00, Wolverhampton, Forsyte Saga, EP 2.04(*)

(*) No bet under new system idea


Back test system
Started 13/12/2007. We orginally tested this as a "lay" system but I felt the results were better suited to a "Back" system and so that is how we are now testing it.
£10 stakes.

Level Stakes
£16.81(after 5% commision) Started 25/01/2008
Using a staking plan similar to CashMaster, started 11/3/2008 after a win on the 10/11/2008.
Bank(staking plan) - £-30.00

14:15, Chel, Franchoek EP 2.52 (still at Cheltenham today) 2nd eves (stake 20.00)

14:20, Tntn, I Predict A Riot EP 1.79

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing laying these selections.

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