Luck only plays a small part!

Cheltenham Festival Competition 2005.

Players score "Points" according to the performance of each of there 6 selections on each race day with points awarded according to the winning and placed horses as follows.

£5.00 entry fee (4 days racing) payable through paypal only, so you must have a paypal account.

Points system.
1st 10pts
2nd 5pts
3rd 3pts
4th 1pt

If after 4 days there is a Dead heat, then we will take the the largest SP as the winner.
If there is still a Dead heat, the number of 1st will be taken in to account.
If there is still a Dead heat, then the Number of 2nds will be taken.

Everyone who enters the competition, will get the chance to pick one horse from each race on that day and then we just add the points up at the end of the day.

Here are the rules for the comp.

  1. Only registered forum members who have paid the entry fee of £5.00 can post their selections.
  2. The cost of entry into the Cheltenham competition is £5.00 per player. Payment must be made in advance of the starting date of the competition. The administrator reserves the right to refuse entry/disable players accounts at any time who have failed to pay the entry fee.
  3. The ultimate prize is awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.
  4. You must choose one horse for each race that is run per day.
  5. In the event of any of the players horses becoming Non-Runners then the players non runner selection will be replaced with the race favourite. In the event of a joint or co favourites being returned then the lowest race card number is the selection.
  6. All selection must be posted at least 1/2 hour before the start of the days racing, if this is not meet the first selection will become void.
  7. Malcolm Pett/ Bluebell Data and it's associates sites are in no way responsible for the outcome of this competition and are allowing the competition information to be hosted on it's site purely for the entertainment of it's forum members and you agree that they can not be held responsible for any of the money that you lose arising from playing in this competition.
  8. Malcolm Pett agrees to add £10.00 a day to the prize money but this is his only involvement in the competition.
  9. As always the Judges decision is final in this case it will be apak24. As soon as the winners are known, apak24 will send them there prize using there paypal account.

    By clicking the link below you agree to the terms of this competition.

On receipt of your payment apak24 will send you a password so that you can post your selections in the private forums made for this competition. (please note this is manual so please give him time to answer.)