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My Top 10 Horse Racing sites for form or information or even placing a bet

March 25, 2011 By: admin Category: Horse Racing Articles

Top 10 Horse Racing sites for form or information or even placing a bet

Hi there

Here is a list of my top 10 Horse Racing sites. They are in no particular order so number 10 is just as important to me as number 1,  I use them all!

  1. Racing Post

It’s hard to deny that the racing post is one of the most influential and best regarded Racing sites on the net,  although since they have gone over to charging for certain information many people have searched for alternatives although the information is probably well worth the money.

Likes: Their ratings and the amount of information.
(at the time of writing) Pop-ups to advertisements, a turn back to the dark ages!

2. Timeform.

This is a very respected site that is now owned by Betfair (see later) and has
a very extensive database with their own ratings. There are some free parts to
the site but really you have to pay for the good info.

Likes: The free results information with the Betfair SP.
Dislikes: Pay for most stuff.

3. Sporting Life

One of the fastest sites to update the results from the racing and an easy to use Greyhounds section. Great for up to date racing news as well, they seem  to report abandoned races quickly.

They also have a pretty good Race Card section with their own “Star Ratings”  and a “Head to Head” section.

Likes: It’s a simple site to use.
Dislikes: Sometimes the Greyhound information is late or not updated.

4. Adrian Massey.

Although this is a ratings site it is also famous for having a lot of statistics about Horse Racing along with it’s own “Custom Report” facility which is  really handy for finding your own systems.

Likes: The Custom Report.
Dislikes: Not completely sure about the accuracy of the data but that’s just my opinion.

5. OLBG (Online Betting Guide)

This site is not really a horse racing information site, it is rather a place you  can go to see what are the most popular runners in each race. A little bit like  the Racing Post tipster table (although far more information) where you have loads of different tipsters giving you their selections.

The end results of the site is to get you to sign-up for one of the bookies  through one of their links but at least they have made a good site around it.

Likes: The tips
Dislikes: Lots of adverts (but someone has to pay for it)

6. Betting Systems Truth.

If you see a new system or want to find out if an older one was any good then  this may be a good place to look.

They review many of the systems that come onto the market and many other ideas as well so it is worth a visit just to see what’s going on.

Likes: The amount of information they review.
Dislikes: Well none really except the end results is to get you to buy the system through them if it is any good!

7. Betting School (Darren Power)

I know Darren personally and he is a great guy but I am not recommending his site because of that but rather because of the content. If you really want  to get lots of good horse racing (and other sports) advice you should certainly check out his site.

The monthly rag is full of all sorts of good information.

Dislikes: None that I can think off.

8. GG.com

Sorry but I hate the web address although hats off to them for being so inventive and getting their hands on a domain name that short!

It’s another site that makes money from people signing up to the bookie sites  through their links but again I think they give a lot of good content and  information although I am not to sure about their “Free Tip”.

Likes:GG alert, lets you know when by SMS or Email when your favourite  Jockey, Trainer or horse is running.
None really

9. betfair.com

I hope you didn’t think I was going to leave this site out because it is my favourite and it is open on my machine all day everyday.

betfair.com were responsible for changing betting for ever and allowing the average punter to be able to act like a bookie and lay horses as well as back  them.

Likes: The whole concept.

Dislikes: The charges and understanding them!

10. Betdaq.com

betfair.com main rival who just seem to struggle in the shadow of the giant.

To me it seems a lot of people still do not use Betdaq.com and when ever I   ask people why this is it appears to be the “Liquidity” problem, which funny enough would be solved if more people used them. They have a fairer charge  system and their minimum bet is only 50p where as Betfairs is £2.00 (although you can get around this).

Likes: Charges are fairer.

Bonus site.

I just had to mention my favourite bookie site which is Paddy Power. To me it seems they often have the best prices and the site is easy to use and they have some good offers.

So these are my personal top 10 horse racing related web sites, why not share some of your favourite sites below.

1 Comments to “My Top 10 Horse Racing sites for form or information or even placing a bet”

  1. Mark Yoxon says:

    Two of my favourites is Paul Whelan’s Sky Blue Kangaroo – http://skybluekangaroo.com/ Open & honest with good, objective advice and guidance. AND Jonathon Burgess’s False Favourites – http://www.horseracingsystemsuk.com/go_false_favourites.htm which I found really useful and reaonable priced ‘handbook’ which was great when I started developing my lay system. Thanks to them both.


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