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Betting Tools

Free Betting Tools

I hope to build up this range of betting tools over time, so
check back here now and then to see what’s available.

Odds Checker
This first tool is simply a odds checker to show you what
return you will get from your chosen betting stake.

Click Here to open the
odds checker

Each Way Checker
This tool will tell you
what return you will get from a horse that wins or places.

Click Here to
open the Each-Way Checker

Traditional to DecimalĀ  converter
This is a small page about the conversion from the
traditional 8/13 odds to the more up to date decimal, there is a small tool on
this page to do it for you.

Click Here

to have a look

Wager Checker
If you want to make a
certain amount of money from a horse and you know the odds, then use this tool
to tell you how much you need to wager to get your desired return.

Click Here to open
the Wager Checker

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