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Don Maclean My Mathematical Formula (Diabolical Staking Plan).

October 06, 2009 By: admin Category: My Mathematical Formula

Maclean My Mathematical Formula (Diabolical Staking Plan).

When I first bought this report (yes I bought it) I though
it was going to be some sort of weird Horse racing betting and Staking

Well I was right it is!

But not in the sense that it is rubbish, more like

Let me explain.

In the report Don shows a lot about picking a winner, what
to look for, tracks and form which is OK if you are new to horse racing and
picking winners.

What I was more interested in was his “Diabolical Staking

I know it sounds daft, but it isn’t, its actually very good.

If someone showed you how to take a £1 bet and turn it
into over £129,000 you would think they have been drinking to much or
been out in the sun to much (what in the UK)!

Don explains in pretty technical terms then in very simple
terms, (he has obviously had some feedback on this) how you can achieve it.

Now I am not saying it’s easy and you will need to pick some
winners, but I reckon with a good system like “Turners Winners Galore” or
“Turners Winning Ways” its achievable.

Will it work?

Well the facts are in front of you and I for one am going to
try it!

At the end of the day it is simple math, but used in a very
interesting way.

Don has also put a lot of safety features in so what ever
happens you are going to win.

Overall this is a great report with a lot of information and
if you are serious about making money from Horse Racing or to think of it any
type of betting then you should consider it as “One to Get“.

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