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Early Prices

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have the time to watch the

horse racing all-day and only betting when you found the best price available.

Unfortunately this is a scenario many people just don’t have

the time for, they have a limited window of opportunity to bet, so ending up

relying on S/P, is this you?

There are many bet exchanges around like

betfair.com that offer early pricing, but you can not tell if you are getting a

good price until the bookies come on line and you have to pay commission on

top, so for your normal daily bet these are not always the best answer.

We all know that on many occasions the bookies will not

publish a price till 10 – 15mins before a race, giving you very little time to

work out your stake and place a bet and that’s if you remember to look!

So in many cases S/P is your only option, isn’t it?

Well it was until one

on-line bookie not only started giving early prices, but

good prices at that.

SportingOdds has prices for all UK races on-line by 10am,

and they will take bets on the advertised odds from that time.

Now your immediate reaction would be that they are probably

prices that are very much in their favour and I had to agree with you until one

of the readers of my “Daily Tip” sent me this.

SportingOdds S.P. Rs
1.38 0.3 1st
1.38 0.73 1st
1 0.8 1st
1.38 0.91 1st
1.25 1 1st
1 1 1st
1.2 1.1 1st
1.1 1.1 1st
2 1.2 1st
1.1 1.2 1st
1.75 1.25 1st
1.5 1.25 1st
1.1 1.25 1st
1.38 1.25 1st
2.25 1.38 1st
1.75 1.5 1st
1.1 1.5 1st
1.63 1.5 1st
1.88 1.63 1st
1.88 1.63 1st
1.75 1.75 1st
1.75 1.75 1st
1.75 1.75 1st
2 2 1st
2.25 2 1st
2.5 2.25 1st
2.25 2.5 1st
2.75 3.5 1st
3.5 3.5 1st
3.5 3.5 1st
4 4 1st
3.33 4 1st
60.34 55.98 32rns

There are 32 of the winners he selected for the month that

won as you can see on many occasions their early prices were better than S/P

and there were very few occasions when you would have lost out.

On this one-month you would have gained another 4pts by

going early price with

SportingOdds rather than S/P, so if anything else

SportingOdds early prices are very accurate indeed.

I know one month worth of data is inconclusive, but it does

point to a very practical way of betting early, while getting a clear

indication of the winnings you can expect.

Check out

SportingOdds early Prices by

clicking here.

Best of Luck


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