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Email sent to my list 28/10/2010

October 28, 2010 By: admin Category: Emails

Hi There

In my last email I wrote that I was looking at a new lay system and I mentioned “going against the crowed”.

What I really meant was…finding a favourite that had no value which normally means that “every man and his dog” is trading on them, so that in the end the odds drop so low it’s just not worth betting on, even if the horse wins.

Now the obvious place to start is to look at steamers. These are horses that for some reason during the day have become popular and the price is dropping as more and more people decide to follow the crowed. In some cases just one large bet from “someone” can cause the odds to drop.

I got the initial idea from one of Stephen’s systems but I have been modifying it.

The problem is when following any steamer you have no idea why the runner’s price is moving. It could be any number of reasons, but unless you are in the “know” then you are just looking at a reaction.

My idea is to pick a runner because I know the probable reason why this runner is likely to steam and be able to tell quite quickly, that it has.

I also want to look for odds-on runners because I am not interested in laying over evens, in this case. I want to keep my liability as low as possible because I know I am going to have to put up with losers and a lot of them!

My goal is long term profit based purely on the fact that the runners I am taking on have no value in the price and so, should have some value as a lay bet.

So where do you start?

Well we need four things.
1.    A guide Price. A betting forecast from someone you can trust.
2.    A way of telling that this horse is going to be exceptionally popular and is likely to steam.
3.    A time when you decide the price difference is big enough to make it a bet
4.    And a willingness to accept that this going to be a long term strategy

Have I found away of doing this?

Yes, I think I have and over the coming weeks I will reveal more about the results as I collect more information.

I was hoping to give you a selection today, but there isn’t one.

Thanks for reading.

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Bet Notes system storage software

October 27, 2009 By: admin Category: Horse Racing Systems

Product: Bet Notes

Author: Steve Ashley

As a system developer come collector I am always on the lookout for tools that make my live easier. So when I came across Bet Notes I couldn’t resist trying it out especially as it was very inexpensive.

Bet Notes gives you a way of storing all your betting system rules and comments in one place, so you can easily recall the information about each betting system.

The beauty is that you can store your systems under your own predefined headings allowing you to quickly see all those systems under each heading.

So for instance you could set up headings for Football systems, Horse Racing lay Systems, Tennis Systems or whatever you feel is appropriate. You can then recall all the systems under your heading and easily navigate through each betting system, instantly seeing all the information about that system.

Bet Notes allows you to store lots of information about each system and even put a link to the results spreadsheet/database (which I hope you keep) and the website.

There are other features like “quick web links” which make this tool more useful.

Overall I think this a great little piece of software that allows you to navigate your betting systems easily and in an organised manner.

Click Here for more information.


Engraved HORSE RACING Silver Pl. Pocket Size Telephone Address Book, Personalised Free, Gift

October 07, 2009 By: admin Category: Horse Racing Gifts

Here is something different…

  • Silver Plated Pocket Size Telephone Address Book with Horse Racing Design
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Engraved HORSE RACING Silver Pl. Pocket Size Telephone Address Book, Personalised Free, Gift