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Dont lose your shirt-low risk bettingFed up with the bookie taking all your money? "Don't lose your shirt" could change all that.

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In his eBook "Don't lose your shirt" Steve Ashley shows you several sure fire ways to turn £100 into £1500 in under 12 months.

A lot of people would sneer at the above statement and probably say" is that all?".

To those people I have one thing to say….

Tell me one other type of investment that could turn £100 into £1500 in a year (legally).

Steve is actually being conservative because as with everything it depends on risk, number of bets, profit etc!

Sorry I will get of my soapbox now.

To be honest I wasn't sure what I was going to get when I got hold of a copy of Steve's ebook the title doesn't give away very much.

The book is split up into 7 sections but the most interesting are Mofoon, Toot, Back and Lay, Arbitrage and Casino.

Steve has created a very clever piece of software that has been specially produced to work with all of the systems contained in the eBook, so that you can work out your bets quickly and easily.

Mofoon - I am not going to explain here how Steve come up with this name except to say, it's probably the best he could do…LOL

Mofoon is a "dutch" betting system and one of the best I have seen, I made profit on the first race I tried it on, so that was enough to convince me.

Steve all shows you how to adapt Mofoon to other types of sport events, although I haven't tried it myself I am sure there is money to be made.

Toot - This is for you football fans out there, the concept is really easy to follow and again the software works it out for you.

Back and Lay - This system really caught my eye and I am experimenting with it on at the moment. This system is all about timing but if you have some knowledge of the sport your following you will be surprised how quickly you can come up with a place to use it.

I am also a great fan of Golf and with the run Tiger woods is having at the moment, I bet you could find some opportunities there with back and lay!

Arbitrage - This is a concept I have been reading about a quite a bit lately but to use it you really do need to have your eye on the "Ball" and probably various accounts with bookies also. If you do then you will probably find many opportunities for using this system.

Arbitrage takes advantages of the differences in odds that you can get at different bookies which has come about because of the internet and the speed we can now get information from different sources.

Casino- was probably the only let down in the whole ebook because really to get the best from the idea then you need to purchase another title, but if the concept works as Steve suggest then it is probably well worth the money.

Apart from my gripe about the Casino part of the eBook there is no doubt in my mind that most people would get something out of this title and I for one will be adding a couple of these systems to my betting arsenal.

For more information about "Don't Lose your Shirt" Click Here.

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