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16th September 2009

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

Going back to yesterday and the the tips I was telling you about that David and I have been working on.

I thought today I would actually show you the 4 selections so you can see what they are like.

2.55 Sand 1pt (Back) Botonist EP 2.4, 2pts (Lay) Centurio EP 29
3.30 Sand 1pt (Back) Fairy Promises EP 9.0, 2pts (Lay) Spas Dancer EP 7.6
3.45 Bev 1pt (Back) Rosewin EP 6.00, 2pts (Lay) Upton Seas EP 8.8
8.20 Kemp 1pt (Back) Simple Rhythm EP 38, 2pts(Lay) Pipers Piping EP 48
It's an interesting day for these selections because some of the back prices seem quite high but there are also two lay's that are quite low.

As I mentioned yesterday I want to find a way of staking to a maximum liability which will still give me profit if the back doesn't win.

At the moment David goes for a 5pts stop which normally means he needs to win on one of the back bets. If none of the back selections wins then he will end up with 4pts profit from the lays (if none of these lose)

At the moment I have been taking 10% of my bank and using that as my liability for the lay bets and normally only laying if I can get 10.00 or under. I then look at what my stake will be and bet half of this on the back side.

If we have a look at the second race and presume 10% of my bank converts to 50.
3.30 Sand 1pt (Back) Fairy Promises EP 9.0, 2pts (Lay) Spas Dancer EP 7.6
50 / (7.6-1)=7.58 is my stake on the lay side. I then divide this by 2.00.
7.58 /2=3.79 which gives me my stake on the back side.

If I win on the lay only I end up with 3.79 profit minus commission but if I win on the back as well then I will end up with 34.11 minus commission. This is actually an extreme case because the back price is normally nearer 2.00 or 3.00. which means I would make a little more if the back came in as well.

More tomorrow...

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The idea is really to select "one a day" to lay bet ( on betfair or betdaq, which should be the shortest price. David has set a maximum price limit of 12/1 or 13 on betfair. The main rule (and one we have started to use across a number of our systems) is that you should not bet if the reduction factor for the race is 10% or more.

14:30 Hayd, Magical Macey 1st 7/11
14:50 Ling, Bramalea 3rd 12/1
15:00 Hayd, Frontline Boy 3rd 14/1

14:10 Yarm, Equipe De Nuit
15:30 Sand, Fairy Promise
17:00 Yarm, Luck Will Come

GHB Owners
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No bet if the reduction factor is 10% or more.
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The Almost Certain Lay Nap
Selection 1: 1.40 Yar, Cheery Cat
(NOTE: No bet if there is a 10% or above reduction factor on betfair)

Good to Lay
Selection 1: 2.35 Bev, Kalahari Desert
(NOTE: No bet if there is a 10% or above reduction factor on betfair)

Set a maximum amount as your liability, then divide that figure by the available odds.

EG. 100 / (8.8 - 1)=12.82 so your stake is 12.82.

Best Lay of the Day ("1 Lay a day from my Lay betting System")

No Selection.

Today: 17.00 Yarm Arizona John

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Please Note: I do not keep records of this tip, I just want to show readers how good it can be but part of learning should be to watch what a selection does daily.

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Back test system ( "A 'back' system that I came up with a while ago")
This system is available as part of The Pro Betting Systems e-book.

2:50 Ling, Qelaan EP 1.97 1st 5/6

Today: 4:30 Yarm, Splashdown 4.3
Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing "backing" these selections.

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