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23rd April 2008

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I had to drop the dog off at the Vet's this morning for some follow up test and got talking so I am running late. By the way for those that remember out dog had to have his spleen out a few months ago. Well the test today will show us how he is doing, but if I were to go by his fitness level then he seems fine..."Touch Wood"!

I am going to leave you with Darren's weekly insert...

Multiple Income Streams

In all activities that involve making or investing money it pays to diversify, but with betting it is even more important. All systems and selection procedures will have losing spells and even the top professionals have spells where they just can't pick a winning bet.

If you are at all serious about your betting you have to make allowances for this fact and diversify your betting interests. Or better still have other income streams which compliment your betting profits. Just to go off track for a minute, it's not a bad idea to keep some sort of job just for mental and social reasons. Sitting in front of TV's and PC's all day can send you a little crazy and increases feelings of isolation. Keeping a job will force you to get out and speak to other real people!

Let's get back to the main message of this article which is that you need to diversify your betting. That way when one system or method has a bad month you still have income from your other systems.

Ideally you want to diversify across sports. So for example if the weather is bad, heavy rain etc, you will probably find that your selection methods for horse racing are impacted. If you also bet on sports, particularly indoor sports, you will find that these are not impacted by the same factor IE the weather.

If you cannot diversify across sports then as a minimum you should diversify your types of selection methods. Let's look at a simple example, let's say that you are betting on a number of horse racing systems that all lay the favourite. Each may have additional rules and may work well independently. But if there is a run of four or five winning favourites your profits will be impacted across all the systems.

So diversify across sports if you can, but at the very least don't have your whole portfolio of systems based on one factor.

Darren Power is the Editor of the Betting School Insiders Report, you can register for a free sample copy at:

New Lay Test

3.35 Kempton, Tartan Tie EP 14.5 4th 9/1 (we got 16.00)


4.05 Nots, Hows She Cuttin EP 14
4.55 Cat, Wicksy Creek NR
5.40 Perth, Political Paddy EP 5.5
7.20 Kemp, Nikolaievich EP 11.5
7.50 Kemp, Resplendent Ace 12

Pot 2 now stands at £-118.89 (Target £70.00)
New Greyhound Lay system I had come up with.

After some thought I think that the only way to run this system is as a "Stop in Profit". I am going to keep the maximum odds set to 6.00 and I am going to be a little naughty and add in a lay ladder staking plan.

Easy day again yesterday

I will start showing all selections now but please remember that some of the late races may not appear on Betfair.
12:27, PBarr, Magical Will
12:32, Nott, Sarmatian Knight
12:47, Nott, Ragtime Rumble
13:33, Nott, Hopeofthehouse
14:47, Crayfd, Snipers Escape
14:57, Sund, Oklahoma Sunset
15:58, Sund, Craan Max
16:18, Sund, Raparee Retreat
16:37, Sund, Honcho Tete
17:47, Sund, Oklahoma Timmy
17:47, Sund, Playboy Madam
18:11, Crayfd, Newlawn Reward
18:38, Sheff, Clash Fizz
19:11, Sheff, Davy Jones
19:26, Sheff, Tullyvin Judge
19:26, Sheff, Rooster Revenge
19:37, Newc, Pond Marianne
19:58, Sheff, Roman Zeus
20:43, Sheff, Mi Starr
20:51, Newc, Margan Snowball
20:58, Sheff, Redhot Hondo
21:22, Newc, Pond Gabriella
21:.4, Newc, Pack Of Lies
21:.4, Newc, Comanchie Jack

Here are today's

Please remember this is a new test and there are no rules yet.

Guest Selection
Andrew lays

16.00 Folk, Lupita EP 3.45 8th 9/4
17.00 South, Pertemps Networks EP 2.12 NR
18.45 Bath, Sugar Ray EP 2.56 1st 1/1

16.05 Nots, Chief Editor EP 2.46
16.40 Notts, Wasan EP 2.94
20.50 Kemp, Al Khaleej EP3.95

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Lay Bet a Day

3:30 Nottingham, Drill Sergeant

Lay Bet a Day

Malcolm's Selections
Best Lay of the Day
17.10 Bath, Princelywallywogan 2nd 7/2

Today: 14.55 Nott, Cabinet

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

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Place System: Started 20-11-2006

This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9. 3 Place 8 runner races only.
Points since we started + 66.08
Points new system (30/07/07) + 27.10

16:00, Folkestone, Great View, EP 2.6 7th
17:00, Southwell,Top Spec, EP 2.00 2nd (but 3 NR's)
17:05, Folkestone, Spectrana, EP 2.78 (*) 6th

No Selections today.

(*) No bet under new system idea


Back test system
Started 13/12/2007. We orginally tested this as a "lay" system but I felt the results were better suited to a "Back" system and so that is how we are now testing it.
£10 stakes.

Level Stakes
£2.23 (after 5% commision) Started 25/01/2008
Using a staking plan similar to CashMaster, started 11/3/2008 after a win on the 10/3/2008.
Bank(staking plan) + £8.39 (staking running loss £36.63 )
19:25, Wind, French Riviera EP 1.9 (as it under 2 we use normal staking £10) 3rd 4/6

14:55, Nott, Cabinet EP 3.45 (staking stake £14.95)

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing laying these selections.

Other Information
I Prefer

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Have a good days racing.


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