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23rd January 2007

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

The Millionaire's Row is not doing to well at the moment and even the nap lost yesterday, I am hoping this is just temporary as long term we still think these are good selections.

I have started to get a few more suggestions for the Greyhound (*) selections system.

Here is one that I wanted to show you from Gordon who is a great help in the forum and actually takes the time to post the daily selections for owners of my Lay Betting System.

Here is what Gordon came up with.

The rules I have used are:

Max odds 5/1 (6.0)

Stop betting for the day after 1st losing bet (no scratch back)

First of all I ran through as before with level stakes of £2.11. This resulted in a profit of £79.23

Then I used a starting stake of 1% of a £200 bank, stake calculated as 1% of bank X 105%. This time I got a profit of £95.27

I think there are 2 major advantages with stop at a loser.

1. There is never more than 1 losing bet in a session, by not using the scratch back, which can destroy the bank very quickly

2. Stopping at a loser takes advantage of the long winning runs

So that is one idea and the Grey Horse bot can handle this easily.

I also had an email from Howard and he thinks if we take all the Greyhound Selections (8) we can make profit at Level Stakes as long as we stick to selections under 7/1.

So I thought why don't we give this a test for while by setting the Grey Horse bot to lay all selections that are 8.00 or under.

I will admit I am not entirely convinced, but we do get a lot of winners and remember we will have to look at this as long term, not short term.

So we will drop the "Rule of 3" staking plan today and instead go for level stakes and see what happens.

Here are the bot settings.

I have set both stop loss and stop win quite high because we don't really want to hit either as we are just going to keep going, but to be prudent you get set the Stop loss lower, especially if it is a bad day.

We will still be able to see how the "Rule of 3" works out as well and the Stop at a winner (*) selections.

2. Guest Selection - started 23-10-2006
These are lay test selections from Thomas.
NO BET if odds above 9.00 at Betfair

Monday's (22 Jan 2007)
Kemp 1350 - Lone Wolfe - 1st - SP 7/1 - Beftair 9.0 - Lost
Wolv 1405 - High Country - 9th - SP 33/1 - Betfair 55.0 - no bet
Kemp 1420 - Briarwood Bear - NR
Wolv 1540 - Grey Boy - 4th - SP 4/1 - Betfair 5.20 - WON
Kemp 1625 - Tavalu - 10th - SP 7/1 - Betfair 8.80 - WON

Here are today's (23 Jan 2007)
Sout 1340 - Denton Hawk
Sout 1510 - Dundry
South 1610 - Anduril

Thomas is recording all Betfair prices 30 sec before the off.

3. Place System (win Bet) - Started 20-11-2006
This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9.
Points since we started + 3.22

14.35 Wolverhampton, Fractured Foxy, 2.42 (3 places) 6th

No Selections

4. Miracle System (win Bet)
Normal: 13:35, Wolverhampton, Almaty Express 1st 8/13 .62
Pts 2007: + 0.75
Top Choice: 13:35, Wolverhampton, Almaty Express 1st 8/13 .62
Pts 2007: + 0.15

Normal: 16:10, Southwell, Picador
Top Choice: 16:10, Southwell, Picador

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6. "Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
Yesterday: 15.25 Kempton, Top Mark 2nd 7/2

Today: 15.00 Sedgefield, Oscar The Boxer

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

The Lay Betting SystemAdvantages of owning the system:

1) Pick more than one race a day
2) Make a selection later in the day (normally more choices)
3) Password protected forum so you can talk to other owners.
4) UK or IRE races
5) Bonus Systems and regular updates.
6) Now on V4
7) 3 systems, 1 for flat 2 for Jump/Chase
8) Owners get free updates
9) Now includes Lay Place System.
10) Now includes AW System
11) Now includes the Investment System
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7. Today's sponsor tip
Nags to Riches

Normal Selection
Selection 1: 16:00 Sedgefield, Issaquah

New Selection
Selection 2: 16:00 Sedgefield, Issaquah

We use 1% of our bank and use the Lay Ladder to get back any losses.

Nags to Riches

8. Greyhound Selections- Lay System started 07/11/2006.

After playing around with selections I have decided that for the time being this is going to be a lay only test. I think I have worked out a system that will give us quite good prices but I suspect there will have to be a maximum lay price set. I am just not sure what that will be but I am testing between 2.00 and 7.00. I will make every effort to record betfair lay prices as well. The ones marked with an asterisks (*) are from the original and tighter system, I am not using these now.
You can see all the results since the 14th (when I introduced the latest selection method) here. I am now using what I call the "rule of 3", this means we go for 3 wins and use a 3 race scratch back to get back any losses.

Sheffield BAGS, 12.27, Giancarnacambino, Trap 6(*) 2nd 3/1
Sheffield BAGS, 13.27, Roman Emperor, Trap 1 1st 5/1 - LOST
Swindon BAGS, 13.33, Falkners Jinks, Trap 1 5th 5/1
Sheffield BAGS, 13.44, Noelles Dada, Trap 2 5th 9/2
Monmore BAGS, 15.07, Moyar Okee, Trap 2 5th 7/2
Walthamstow BAGS, 15.17, Perrys Carat, Trap 3(*) 1st 3/1 - LOST
Monmore BAGS, 15.48, Calmdown Maisie, Trap 3 4th 2/1
Monmore BAGS, 16.08, Danahill Lad, Trap 5 3rd 9/4
Monmore BAGS, 16.27, Mikane Mystique, Trap 6 2nd 9/4
Walthamstow BAGS, 16.57, Black Azzura, Trap 5 2nd 3/1
Monmore BAGS, 17.58, Evista Lady, Trap 4 6th 7/2
Walthamstow BAGS, 18.04, Wheres Natalie, Trap 2 1st 6/4 - LOST
Walthamstow BAGS, 18.18, Pea Queue, Trap 5 5th 4/1
13 Selections today, 3 losers (Screen Shot).
Won £9.00 because of the staking system

Here are today's.
Nottingham BAGS, 11.03, Cheeky Brandon, Trap 2
Nottingham BAGS, 11.19, Astra Beauty, Trap 2
Nottingham BAGS, 11.48, Urla Thyne, Trap 3
Nottingham BAGS, 12.32, Charlottespaving, Trap 3
Nottingham BAGS, 12.47, Knocktoosh Boy, Trap 2
Oxford BAGS, 13.12, Carnaross Beauty, Trap 5 (*)
Nottingham BAGS, 13.19, Our Waltz, Trap 2
Oxford BAGS, 13.44, Tiddley Wink, Trap 2
Oxford BAGS, 14.03, Tip The Car, Trap 3
Sunderland BAGS, 16.18, Sangreal, Trap 3
Sunderland BAGS, 17.48, Mill Reef, Trap 3 (*)
Crayford BAGS, 17.58, Junior Chaser, Trap 5

There is only 1 (*) so we go for all 3 wins.

Normal daily settings.
Stake 2.00
Stop Win: 2.00 x 3 = 6.00 (take it down to 5.57)
Stop Loss: 2.00 x 25 = 50.00
running loss - 76.57
Screen Shot of settings.

I set the Grey Horse bot price range from 1 -7.

9. Millionaire's Row - Win Selections started 13/11/2006

This is a win system (test) that me and a friend have been working on for some time. Just so you know I let him select every morning so although we created the system together he is the one really refining it. Click Here to see the results so far.

Points + 7.40
I am using 1pt on each selection for the points total.

14.35 Wolverhampton, Tilapia 7th 13/8 /Tobago Reef 3rd 10/1
Profit = - £13.80 (not going to well at the moment)
Tilapia(EP 3.05)
Tobago Reef(EP 15.5)

Daily Back Nap: (stared 15/02/2007)
16.10 Wolverhampton, Iron Pearl (EP 2.62) 8th 6/5
Points + 2.89

13.30 Sedgfield, Gunadoir (EP 1.56) /Taste Like More (EP 9.4)

Daily Back Nap:
15.40 Southwell, California Laws (EP 2.96)

10. John's Bullitin lay tips - Lay Selections started 12/01/2007

These are New selections from John at Luv2Lose. John takes the prices of the selections 30 seconds before the race and the lay price must be between 2.1 and 3.9, at this time to qualify. The idea here is to Stop at the first winner (or loser in this case as we are laying).
John also has a couple of other staking ideas which I will tell you about later.

Yesterday's results(first price morning odds, second SP):
Wolverhampton 14.05 SHARE THE FEELING - 3.55 - 3.25 - 1st
Wolverhampton 15.40 WRIT - 3.85 - 2.75 - 1st
Kempton 15.55 IFATFIRST - 3.9 - 4.33 - 1st
Wolverhampton 16.40 LITTLE RICHARD - 3.25 - 2.5 - 2nd

Wolverhampton 14.05 SHARE THE FEELING
Wolverhampton 15.40 WRIT
Kempton 15.55 IFATFIRST
Wolverhampton 16.40 LITTLE RICHARD

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


P.S. How about something different...

We make every effort to supply high quality tips, but we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred by any persons using these tips or any of the information provided.

This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

You can use it on your website but all links must be kept in place.
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