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31/10/2003. Day 27

We are trying to see how long it takes to double our bank using several different systems and tipsters .

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No staking plan just 50pts on each race.
(W) Win, (L) Lost, (NR) Non Runner
Started 01/10/2003

Bank (c/f) 983.22

Turners Stop at a Winner

Halfway through this month we change to Davids second Stop at a Winner tips to see if we introduce an improvement.

1.10 Brig, Helibel (L) -50
1.35 Weth, Youre Special (L) -50
2.55 Brig, Soulacroix (W) 8/11 +36.36

Note: After only a few days of using this tip it is quite evident that although you could make a profit at level staking, using a staking plan is the only way to bet on all three tips!

81 bets - Return so far = -490.13


My daily nap consist of two tips with one usually being far shorter than the other.
But for this test we are only using the normal nap as they are still trialling the short nap.

1.45 Brighton, Hazyview(W) 11/8 68.75

27 Bets - Return so far = +283.25

Above all odds

System Selection

The selection are taken from the published ebook (inside the mind of a proffesional Gambler) at do not represent the overal tipping service that offers far more including "form selection" and "Ones to watch"

No system selection today

11 bets - Return so far = +252.50

Total Return Gross = +5.11

New Bank = 988.33

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