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RaceXpert Software

Review of RaceXpert horse racing software!

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I have been given a 7 day review copy of RaceXpert so although this is probably not a great deal of time to test something, it should give be enough to decide whether the software is worth having as part of a person horse racing arsenal.

As I have already said the version I am using is a trial so it may lack some of the Pro Version extra's that you can purchase as a separate upgrade, but apart from that then this version is the standard one.

So what is RaceXpert?

This software is a collection of tools to help you find winners based on past performance data, but it is a lot more as well.

Features include

Daily race cards
System builder
Horse, trainer and Jockey information.
Track Bias
Multi Bet calculator
Races Summaries
Speed Figures
Note book
Memo Pad

Even these descriptions are not really fair because each one of them breaks down into even more detailed information.

There is far too much to go through in one review but let me cover some of what are probably the most popular features.

The first thing I do really like is the system builder and tester (then I would), lot's of selection choices and you can save each one you try out and even save them into separate groups. So you could set up AW systems, Jump Systems and Flat Systems or be more specific you have 15 groups to use.

RaceXpert gives you the list of results from your system but you can then click on any of the selections and look at the other runners in the race, the horse's weight, distance it won or lost by, which means you can quickly identify other factors that may make the system better.

You can also analyse your system using their "Archie" filter which test to see if it is base on luck and gives you the average advantage and a Chi-square test, but there is also one further function called the "Turbo Wizard report" that is worth looking at. This feature allows you to further analyse your system by giving you a deeper report into the results. Let's say you wanted to see if age made a difference to the system, you run "Turbo Wizard" and then select the age radio button and then run the report.

"Turbo Wizard" will now analyze all selection made by your systems and give you a report which you can use to improve your system. An example would be that I have entered the information for my V4 Jump lay betting system and I wanted to see the affect LTO results would have, so I ran Turbo Wizard on the age and it came back with a report telling me 1st LTO's are a danger but funnily enough 4th LTO were the greatest danger!

RaceXpert will automatically test any system you have created against the days racing and show you any selections meeting the criteria, so you just have to print or save the list off to look at later, If your like me and have a lot of system's some that you just don't get time to do, then at least RaceXpert has told you there are selections and you can save them off to look at later.

The other main feature of RaceXpert is the race card section, clicking on the race card icon brings up a small table of the day's racing which will also show tomorrows when the update is available.

Clicking on any of the races you are treated to a screen with many buttons and a great deal of racing information.

RaceXpert has it's own rating called "EP" which is applied to various other bit's of information to give you further ratings such as "RX", "PR" and "SF". These ratings are a little like the RP ratings and speed ratings at the RacingPost.

Below the race card you will find the top 3 or 4 forecast odds which you can change to "value odds", which although I haven't found the explanation yet I presume are good odds for the expected performance of the horse.

On the same screen you get the Trainer course form and "Hot Jockey" and "Hot Trainers" boxes.

This is a little easier than the RacingPost screen because it is all in one place for you and you can export the information into a comma delimited text file ready for inport into another programme. This is actually a useful feature throughout RaceXpert allowing you to save the data that you feel is important, but there are also a note books, memo pad and "one to watch" facilities.

Delving in deeper to the race card screen you can get a list of runners considered high in all 3 of the "RX", "PR" and "SF" ratings and they have various buttons for giving you what RaceXpert feels are good selections for the day.

Further to this you can run a form report on the runners in a race which gives you further information about the last 3 runs of each horse and clicking any of this information will give you further details about the particular race.

From the race card screen you can also get further info about the jockey and trainer and various other reports that analyse the race card in different ways and again most of this information you can save and print off.
Other sections of RaceXpert include a bank manager which will track your winnings (or loses!) based on your bank and stake, there are many ways to review your betting information and you can add a simple staking plan for increasing your stake based on a % increase of your bank.

You can search for form information on any horse and you can get the top 10 speed figures for the last 30days. The form browser allows you to look at a horse's form which can be split further into Flat, aw etc.

By now you have probably guessed that I am quite impressed with RaceXpert and I am, there are many free site on the net where you can pick up much of this information for free, but you would have to use multiple sites to get it and then you would have to find a way of integrating all parts, plus much of the data is just on web pages which makes it difficult to export into spreadsheets or databases.

RaceXpert is probably not for everyone it is more for the serious horse racing player who is making or trying to make a good amount of money from the sport and realises that anything that can improve those chances should be worth the investment.

You can tell RaceXpert has been developed over time the version I downloaded was 53 so there have been plenty of updates and the database contains 4 years worth of data, not as much as some available but I personally think the further back you go, the bigger danger you have of using information that isn't applicable to today's racing.

Just by training methods alone horses must be fitter and have greater stamina than before and trainers have more information about their horses, and I suspect the growing number of people being able to afford racehorses will also contribute to statistical changes over time. I realised early on that even going further back than 3 years can make a difference to the accuracy of a system.

Because RaceXpert is a computer programme there are a couple of little annoying things. When a sub window (or child) is open the main window can not be moved, it's only a small inconvenience and some of the reports can take a while (1 or 2 minutes), but again they are looking through 4 years worth of data.

One other thing was the sign up and download procedure is a little long winded but as I have found with my own products, there are so many people just wanting to buy your products and then resale them on ebay or from a dodgy website, that our protection has to become more sophisticated.

My first impression of the help file was that I thought it was a little poor, but a couple of reads soon helps you on the way, and whatever you do make sure you read all 6 tutorials which will save you a lot of time!

Owners of RaceXpert also get to use of a forum which has got plenty of help and advice from other users many who seem to have been using RaceXpert for quite a while.

Overall this is a great product especially for someone like me who is system mad and wants to test, test and test some more and I have no choice but to add RaceXpert to my arsenal of tools. If you want to read more then click here.

Update- Since writing this review RaceXpert have reduced their price and with the amount of winners they are now having it has to be worth a look!

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