How to profit from horse racing systems
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How do I start making REAL money from betting on the horses?
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However you decide to bet it is important that you get to know the system your using, and it is best to do this before you actually gamble any real money!

If you go to You will be able to view yesterdays, today's and many of the next 3 to 5 days racing.

So you can start to get an idea quite quickly if a system is working or not.

If you click on any of the races you will be able to find all the information you are likely to need to see if a race qualifies under your system for a bet.

It is now that you should also start keeping records, and I would recommend the following:

  • Date of the race
  • Track
  • Horse
  • Jockey
  • Won or loss
  • Odds

If you really like keeping records then you could also add in "the going" and the Weather conditions.

You will be surprised how these records could help in the future, they will tell you a lot about the system you are using.

Here is an example:

If you go to "Turner's Winners Galore" and have a look at last years data you will notice that there were never more than the 2 losses in a row, it was normally 1 and there were at least 3 winners in between losers, and in some cases as many as 8.

I know last year doesn't equal this year, but if it does, you know when you loose that the chance of the next horse losing as well is small, but even if it does, from last years data you will probably get 3 winners in a row, so you could say it is a calculated risk to up your stake after your first loss.

And if the next horse does win, then you know it is also likely that the next two will as well!

You should watch a system at the very least for 10 days, a month would be better.

After this time you should be confident in your ability to use the system and satisfied enough to know that it does produce winners.

You should then spend the next month using the system every day but only betting a minimal stake, I mean £1 bet.

This way even if your system really does prove to be useless, you would have only lost around £30.00!

Once you are satisfied that the system does work and that it really is producing results, then you can increase your stake to where you feel comfortable.

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