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30th April 2007

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I am really pleased because I finished the decorating at 10pm last night so that's it for the inside of the house for the rest of the year.

I was a little naughty on Saturday and decided I wanted a summer project in the garden and so bought a new pond, double the size of the one I have now!

For someone who suffers from heyfever, I am now going to be working in the garden for the next couple of months while I put the new pond in, not very clever.

It was a good day on the Place System(3) Friday with 3 winners and all of them coming 1st.

The Miracle System's have also be doing very well and I hadn't realised that Thursday's Daily Double selection was a dead heat and both our selections came in 1st. I can not remember the last time I picked two winners in one race.

I need to show a staking system for these selection because I don't think that the level points on each selection does these tips justice. The idea is that you put enough on each selection so that you make money or at least break even, no matter which of the selections wins.

Some of the losses are because although we won at level stakes on both, we actually lost points because of the winners low price, which wouldn't really happen in real life.

I shall have a think about that one, although not showing Saturday's results as well, doesn't really give an accurate points value. I will have to put full results up over the next few days.

Trading went well again on Friday I actually turned the tick value up to 10 so I am going to experiment again today at between 11 and 15.

I have been thinking that we probably need to find a balance between making a good profit on horses that were going to lose anyway, ones that move out because they didn't look so good but still went on and won and those that lead from the start and the price just doesn't move out so we lose.

At the moment I am suffering about two losers a day, so if I keep pushing the tick value out but still only get the same number then I know I am on the right track. Anymore than the two losers, then we know we are getting near the tick value limit.

You still have to remeber that some days will be worse than others, so it's going to take quite a bit of testing.

2. Guest Selection - 19-04-2007
I have been receiving some win tips from a good friend of mine called Shaun.

There are two selections Best and Next best. You can look at best only or follow both. Shaun suggest that you aim to make 5% of your bank a day and he chases any losses onto the next selection.

I am going to start with a £500 bank.
What you do then is take 5% of your bank, in this case £25.00 and then divide it by the available odds and that's your stake.
So if the odds were 2/1 then I would divide £25 by 2 making a £12.50 stake.
If I then lost I would take the £25 already lost and add it to my next stake that is again 5% of my bank and then divide this new figure by the available odds.

Let's see what happens.
Yesterday: (Friday)
No Selection
Bank = £604.66

Here are todays.(Don't forget win bets)
Sorry not selection, I think Shaun has tightend up his selection procedure to much.


3. Place System (win Bet) - Started 20-11-2006
This is a Betting Exchange only place system, you can see the results so far here. Prices are a snapshot from the morning between 8 -9. 3 Place 8 runner races only.
Points since we started + 20.27

Yesterday: (Friday)
16.25 Wolves, Harare EP 2.16 1st
18.30 Chepstow, Lyon, EP 2.02 1st
18.15 N.A, Can Can Flyer EP 2.22 1st
Wow that was a result!

18.55 Southwell, Diminuto EP 2.36
19.25 Southwell, Scotch Pancake, EP 2.48

4. Miracle System (win Bet)
Yesterday (Friday)
Normal: 16.25 Wolves, Shy Glance, 5th 10/11
Pts 2007: - 3.94
Top Choice: 16.00 Sandown, Sunshine Kid 150pts 2nd 6/5
Pts 2007: -4.72
Bank = 403.89pts

Normal: 20:10 Windsor, Docofthebay
Top Choice:  15:10 Towcester, Zilcash 200pts
(we are trying an experiment with the Top Choice selection and the points are based on where we are in the staking plan. 50pts is the level stakes bet and we started with a 500pts bank on the 11/04/2007)
You can purchase this system here:
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6. "Best Lay of the Day" - Lay Betting System Bet
Yesterday: (Friday)
4.15 Perth Trisons Star PU(Pulled) 4/1

Today: 7.10 Wind, River kirov

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

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7. Today's sponsor tip
The Almost Certain Lay Tip

2.50 Ling, Armaddy

Not one loser this year yet!
The Almost Certain Lay Tip

8. Greyhound Selections- Lay System started 07/11/2006.

After playing around with selections I have decided that for the time being this is going to be a lay only test. I think I have worked out a system that will give us quite good prices but I suspect there will have to be a maximum lay price set. I am just not sure what that will be but I am testing between 2.00 and 7.00. I will make every effort to record betfair lay prices as well. The ones marked with an asterisks (*) are from the original and tighter system, I am not using these now.
Udate. I am now stopping at the first winner and changing my stop loss to £16.00 although I think this may be to high and we should also stop at the first loser and call it a day. Only time will tell.

Yesterday: (Friday)
Hall Green BAGS, 11.03, Kipper King, 3 3rd 5/2
Walthamstow BAGS, 11.11, Adamant Laser, 5(*)  2nd 6/4
Hall Green BAGS, 11.19, Shadow Sonic, 1 3rd 4/1
Hall Green BAGS, 11.48, Prodigy Goldstar, 3(*) 1st 3/1- LOST
Hall Green BAGS, 12.04, Fine Champion, 5 1st 7/2- LOST
Hall Green BAGS, 13.04, Chloe Cool, 1 6th 11/4
Walthamstow BAGS, 13.27, Special Nyx, 3 5th 3/1
Walthamstow BAGS, 14.03, Woody The Tiger, 1  1st 5/2- LOST
Swindon BAGS, 14.27, West Cork Train, 2 1st 5/1- LOST
Monmore BAGS, 15.17, La Galga Charlie, 4 1st 3/1- LOST
Swindon BAGS, 15.48, Maid In Dolton, 3 3rd 5/2
Monmore BAGS, 15.58, Knockaun Louise, 2 5th 9/2
Swindon BAGS, 16.27, Allens Lad, 3 5th 2/1
Monmore BAGS, 16.37, Marlfield Hilton, 1 4th 5/1
Nottingham BAGS, 18.28, Clonboy Storm, 2 1st 2/1- LOST
Sheffield BAGS, 18.38, Kinielty Hale, 2  2nd 7/2
Nottingham BAGS, 19.06, Chestnut Shelly, 2 1st 7/2- LOST
Nottingham BAGS, 20.37, Futile Exercise, 5(*) 4th 11/2
Sheffield BAGS, 20.43, Thunder Star, 3(*)  3rd 3/1
Sheffield BAGS, 20.58, Prehistoric, 6 6th 6/1
20 selections 7 lost (Sorry no screen shot)

Here are today's.
Sheffield BAGS, 11.11, Dynamite John, 5
Swindon BAGS, 11.19, Day Seven, 4
Sheffield BAGS, 11.28, Daughters Gift, 2
Sheffield BAGS, 11.42, Daves Gift, 5
Sheffield BAGS, 11.57, Giancarnacambino, 6
Sheffield BAGS, 12.42, Stepaside Mini, 5
Swindon BAGS, 12.47, Talavara Jack, 2
Swindon BAGS, 13.33, Delius Venus, 1
Swindon BAGS, 13.51, Cougar Chic, 5
Walthamstow BAGS, 18.04, Appletown Drogba, 6
Nottingham BAGS, 18.28, Take Your Point, 1
Nottingham BAGS, 19.22, Tidy Class Room, 4
Nottingham BAGS, 19.37, Fatima Lucia Two, 6
Nottingham BAGS, 19.52, Rum N Coffee, 2(*)
Nottingham BAGS, 20.07, Beechwood Penny, 3
Romford BAGS, 20.13, Parish Hat, 1
Romford BAGS, 20.28, Caden Lane, 4
Romford BAGS, 20.43, Mollysox, 3
Nottingham BAGS, 20.51, Roys Presence, 1
Romford BAGS, 20.58, Jomax Plumber, 6
Nottingham BAGS, 21.07, Swift Blacktom, 1

Download the session.xml here (normally available by 10am mon-Fri)

Normal daily settings.
Stake 2.00
Stop Win: 2.00
Stop Loss: 16.00

I set the Grey Horse bot price range from 1 -7.

9. Millionaire's Row - Win Selections started 13/11/2006

This is a win system (test) that me and a friend have been working on for some time. Just so you know I let him select every morning so although we created the system together he is the one really refining it. Click Here to see the results so far.
You can now get these selections Saturday by signing up here:

Yesterday:  (Friday)
Daily Double
3.25 Sand: Marcel 5th 15/2 /Black Hills  1st 5/2
Points -7.41

Daily Back Nap: (started 15/02/2007)
2.30 Perth: Trading Trouble 1st 9/4
Points -0.35

Millionaire Daily Lay: (started 26/04/2007)
4.35 Sand: Bergonzi EP 28 2nd 16/1
Points -2.3

Double Take (started 22/03/2007) (£6.00 on the lay £4.00 on the back)
4.50 Perth:
Back = Mumbles Head  1st 5/4 = £5.0
Lay = Prince Adjal EP 7.6 4th 7/1 = £6.00

Winnings to date = £19.82

Millionaire Double Selection.
2.10 Towc: Carthys Cross/Stoway

Millionaire Daily Nap
3.10 Towc: Zilcash

Millionaire Daily Lay:
2.20 Ling: High Hope

Millionaire Double Take: 40pts Win /60pts Lay 2nd Favourite
3.10 Towc: 
Back:  Zilcash

The idea is to to back the favourite and lay the second best priced horse before the off.
We are hoping that most of the time the lay should not change but if it does then it is always the best priced horse (lay side) after the favourite.
Our stake will be £10 split 4.00 on the back and 6.00 on the lay. Of course you could do this how you want but we suggest you put slightly more on the lay to cover any loses on the back bet because we feel the lay will lose far less often.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


P.S. How about something different...

We make every effort to supply high quality tips, but we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred by any persons using these tips or any of the information provided.

This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

You can use it on your website but all links must be kept in place.
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