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Making cash from football on the betting exchanges

Review of the Football Cash Generator©

Is this report John Duncan shows you how you can make money by trading football matches on the exchange using his Football Cash Generator© system.

Ask me anything about football and I will not be able to tell you an answer,( apart from remembering I used to support Chelsea when I was a kid) so when I kept getting asked by my readers to review the Football Cash Generator© by John Duncan one thing would be for sure, if I could use it then anyone could!

Before I first opened the system I did wonder if this would just be another 2 or 3 page betting system, that leaves you wondering why you just parted with your hard earned cash, so you can imagine my surprise when in fact the PDF page count showed 98.

I may not know very much about football but, ask me about exchange trading then that's a different matter, I was very pleased to find out that I wasn't about to finally learn the off side rule, rather another excellent way to use betting exchanges to make money.

You shouldn't class exchange trading as betting because it's not, betting ( in my book anyway) is deciding a particular horse or team or person is either going to win or lose an event which you base on your own or someone else's experience.

Exchange trading on the other hand is not interested on any of the particulars, just making a profit from the movement of money and or the change in odds.

Nearly all my trading experience has been with horses (as you would expect) where there is really only 2 possible out comes, the horse wins or loses and you trade mainly on the movement of the odds before a race or during the few minutes of running you get.

Football is different and in some ways a lot more interesting, because you have several other markets within the game to trade on and you have just about a full 90mins of play (see I know that much) for things to change and the Football Cash Generator© takes full advantage of this.

It becomes clear very quickly that John knows what he is talking about you just know from his description of the process and the example games that he has "been there and done that" many a time, this immediately told me that this was something that I wanted to learn and looked forward to using.

Football Cash Generator© has been broken down into 10 easy to follow rules, each rule is covered in detail making sure you understand the importance and reason for its use along with examples for using it, in fact I kept getting this urge to print of all 98 pages just so I could read it anywhere.

First of all with any trading system there is some maths, sorry you can not get away from it but John has done a fantastic job of taking you through the calculation step by step several times over so after a few reads and a couple of paper trades you should have a good understanding of the whole concept.

Secondly John hasn't just stopped with the main system, he goes on to show you further strategies that you can use as you get more confident, which will give you further opportunities to make more profit.

I can not go into detail of the actual process but I can tell you if I think it is value for money and it is, there are other trading systems out there that cost £300 - £600 (the ones I know of) and I can not believe they would be any better than making you money than if you use the concepts in Football Cash Generator©...Oh and yes I will be using it as part of my whole exchange trading portfolio.

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