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Turners Winners Galore

I have known for some time that David Turners tips are good, you only have to be a member of his tips site for a month to see that.

So when I found out he was releasing the secrets of one of his formulas in eBook format I was excited to say the least.

The first thing that I did was email David to ask him what it was all about.

David Said...

“The problem is that the formulas I use are very complex, they can take me up to 1 ½ hrs just to pick a track, and many of the actual choices are down to intuition and experience.

But I have been playing around with a couple of what I call “Naps” for a few years one “Daves Nap” I give to my members whenever it picks a horse, which has been very frequent of late and it has a exceptional success rate.

The other I have kept to myself!

A couple of weeks ago though I sat down and decided to see if I could actually put into words the formula I use, and to my surprise, I managed it.

I then went back over 1 years worth of data to make sure I had got it right and that it really did work with my instructions.

Well I am pleased to say I got the exact same results, but I must stress its not the easiest system in the world to use”

(Dave also said that he wanted people to judge for themselves so he has actually posted last years data as well.)

So what do I think?



Because it works...

It is the first system I have come across that constantly produces winners and has a great staking plan.

But...I am the first to admit it is not the easiest system to use, and will take some patience to get the hang of it.

It actually took me 3 - 4 mornings to feel comfortable with the selection method.

As soon as you do (David Turner is always on hand to help) you will be amazed by it's consistency.

There are a couple of things that I find really eerie about this system...
  1. The way it (nearly) always has at least 3 winners in a row. I say nearly, I have only seen 1 sequence when it hasn't and there have been plenty of winning runs of 6 or longer over the last year.
  2. It only has one or two losers before it's next winning streak.

I like to think I am a careful and patient gambler, but there have been a few occasions where I almost threw caution to the wind because of "Turners Winners Galore" especially when it has it's first win after a loss!

The second and third race just win (as I said before) every time.

With David's formula you also get his great staking plan that will get you back any losses very quickly.

You also get a banking plan, that shows you quite clearly how from a modest small stake of £5.00 a race you can turn it into £151,000.00.

The thing is, all the data is there in front of your eyes, so you can check it for yourself.

Apart from the extra systems (I don't know why David added them) the other main bonus is a FREE 1 months trial to "Turners Tips".

David added this because "Turners Winners Galore" is very similar to "Daves Nap" in his members site, so it will give you chance to see if you are getting the selections correct.

Overall I think this is a great product, and although it is a bit more expensive than others that are available, this is one system I am sure will pay for itself time and time again.

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