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14th August 2008

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I am meeting up with Darren Power from the betting school today.

I have known Darren for a number of years but never had the chance to meet up with him, so it will great to get together an have a chat.

Although I know a lot about racing and systems I always look forward to Darren's insider report dropping through my letter box every month.

His latest report has some great information as normal and one thing that interested me was his analysis of Betfair SP versus normal SP.

Darren tells me he has also been working on a new project with Michael Wilding and this is what he told me.

"For a long time I've wanted to find or create a comprehensive course on how to become a professional gambler. So many people want to do this for a living but there is no real good information or training available as far as I can see.

Over the years I have mentioned this to various people who I believe were capable of creating a worthwhile course, but like me they were always too busy to create a product that could really do the job.

That was until I mentioned it to Michael Wilding. Michael has been gambling for a living for a few years now and is the type of guy who likes to share his expertise. I met Michael about a year ago when he agreed to write some columns for the Betting School Insiders Report and I am extremely pleased with the good content he creates which is always based on experience and sound research.

When Michael said he would be willing to create a comprehensive course I was pleased to be able to help him with his website and some of the technical aspects of getting started. Michael has created a great product and the feedback so far has been great. You can check it out at

Michael uses a variety of automated and data led methods as well as his race rating method which makes form study a breeze. I probably can't do justice to his course in this short article so I recommend that you visit his site and read all about it.


Lay/Back System Test ("Started 23/07/2008")

There are two types of selections here. The first is a lay tip as long as the price is under 2.00 and the second is a back tip as long as the price is 2.00 or above.

There is one thing to think about here. If a lay selection goes to 2.00 or above you could decide to back it instead and the same goes for a back selection dropping below 2.00 you could then lay this. It's probably best to back/lay these near to the "off". We are not using a staking plan at the moment, just level stakes to see what happens.

If you want you can download the selections (Mon to Fri) directly into GHB using the session/server tips option. The URL is here.

The session file is set as lay, odds between 1.03 and 1.99 and 1.00 stake, and back odds 2.00 to 5.00, 1.00 stake but you should use your own option settings.

I will also upload a spreadsheet once a week with the latest results here.

Lay (Only if under 2.00)
No Selection

No selections today

Back (Only if over 2.00)
6:55, Hamilton, Inside Story, EP 2.36 3rd 11/10

18:40, Strat, Sarobar,EP 2.96

Guest Selection ("Good to Lay")

Here is a new lay system I thought you may like to look at for a while.
The author has been sending them to me for a while and they look quite promissing.
I think they could do with a cap on the maximum price but that would probably have to be a personal thing.

3.45 Bev: Rock N Roller 5th 8/1
4.05 Salis: Cape Amber 3rd 7/2

Today's. 5.20 Salis: Raffish NR.

Sponsors of the day ("Products and Tips for you to look at.")

Sponsor product of the day (please take a look you never Know!)
How To Set Up And Run Your Own Professional Horse Racing Tipster Service
Click Here to read more

Sponsor Tip of the day.

Sorry no sponsor tip today.

Best Lay of the Day ("1 Lay a day from my Lay betting System")

17.10 Sals, Blue Java 5th 9/2

Today: 16.50 Sals, Night Rocket

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Please Note: I do not keep records of this tip, I just want to show readers how good it can be but part of learning should be to watch what a selection does daily.

You can also have this tip delivered as content to your own website.
Click here to find out more.

Back test system ( "A 'back' system that I came up with a while ago")

This system is available as part of The Pro Betting Systems e-book.

As a new idea I am going to start a more aggressive staking plan trial and stick more closely to the CashMaster idea.

Please Note: This is a trial. Please do not attempt to run a staking plan unless you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into.

New Trial Started 21/07/2008.
Start Bank £500.00
Bank Now: £0.00
We will use 5% of our current bank as our base stake (divided by the odds we get) and we will use the CashMaster system to get back loses except when the selections price at betfair is under 2.00. All winnings will be calculated -5% betfair charge. If a runner is under 2.00 and we are recovering loses then we prospone the staking plan and stake the whole 5% stake.

20:25, Haml, Astrodome EP 2.1 1st 7/4 ( we could have done with this yesterday!)

16:15, Sals, Third Set EP 4.1 (after we lost our bank the other day I am still considering what to do next)

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing "backing" these selections.

Other Information (" Here is some other info that should help you")
I Prefer

 "The Deadly Sins of Gambling" (make sure you check these out)
If you need help about anything please go to my support site.
If you haven't joined Betfair yet then when you do enter the code 7TUN3TCFP this will also give you £20 when you have reached 50 betfair points.

You can automate your betting with GHB.

Please tell your friends about this daily tip and pass on my URL

Have a good days racing.


P.S. How about something different...

We make every effort to supply high quality tips, but we cannot be responsible for any losses incurred by any persons using these tips or any of the information provided.

This tip is provided FREE and in good faith. It can stop or start at anytime, the sponsor of the tip can change at anytime.

You can use it on your website but all links must be kept in place.

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