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19th January 2009

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

I went out to the car this morning and found I had a puncture, so that made me later than I was expecting today. I also have a dentist appointment which has left me with very little time this morning.

David and I were having a quick conversation regarding the "Double your Chance" selections and using the dutching staking plan I suggested.

David has been looking at the results and this is what he sent me.

"I Have check my results using the Dutching System for staking and found that due to the variety of prices, and how short some of them become because of non-runners etc, this does not seem to work very well. When the first selection is a very short price then you always seem to end up with a losing bet. I have therefore devise my own staking plan which appears a much better return and very few losing bets.

Firstly this system is 'Stop at a Winner' so that is exactly what we do. We do not chase loses. The only thing I do is, after a losing bet I increase my next bet by my original bet each time, but as soon as I get a winner I stop.

STAKING PLAN using stakes of 50pts per race.
(50pts can be anything. If you choose £1 per point then it is £50 but if you decide that you can only afford 50p a point then it is £25 and a 35/15 split would be £17.50/£7.50)

Favourite 1-5 or worse: 50 on the favourite only
Favourite 2-7 or worse: 45/5
Favourite 1-2 or worse: 40/10
Favourite odds-on 1-2 or better: 35/15
Both Selections 6-4 or better: 25/25
All other prices: 30/20"

The problem of course with giving a guide like this is that we are likely to get variations in the results, depending on when you make your bet. But I think the point is that David thinks, that this is a better way of staking and although we may get different stake sizes, it is what happens to the individual that is important.

The other thing David has mention is staking. He increases his losses by his original bet when he has a loser.

The watch word here is "original" and it looks like this.


You may have to consider adjusting the staking slightly depending on the odds but remember this is not the same as increasing your stake by all your loses. Here you are simply using your original stake and adding that to your next stake. As with all staking you have to be careful, but this is a little less dangerous than the ones normally associated with "Stop at a Winner" type systems.

You may also have to consider swapping the staking around because as you can see in today's selections, the favourite is now the 2nd selection in two of the races.

More tomorrow.

Guest Selection ("Double your chances" )

Please remember this is a test, please just watch the selections at the moment.
The idea really behind this system is to stop at a winner, but I want to show what the selections are like over the period I show them to you.
Sign up here...
If you want these selections on a Saturday.
(Stakes based on a £10 dutch at Betfair prices around 9am.)

Yesterday's (Friday)
2.00 Chep: Dontpaytheferryman EP 3.05 1st 11/4 /Perion EP 2.76 2nd 11/8
2.35 Chep: Raffaello EP 3.3 NR /The Cool Guy EP 8.6 3rd 9/2
(If you had taken the next best runner that would have been Tank Top but he lost as well)
3.55 Catt: Twentynineblack EP 2.66 5th 9/4 /Mr Syntax EP 4.1 3rd 7/2

3.30 Wolv: Royal Encore EP 2.2 /Lady Longcroft EP 5.5
3.50 Here: Catch The Stars EP 5.9 /Cornerback EP 3.25
4.20 Here: Dorothys Friend EP 7.4 /House of Bourbon EP 1.94

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Sponsor Tip of the day.

16:20 Race: Hereford, DOROTHYS FRIEND

Best Lay of the Day ("1 Lay a day from my Lay betting System")

Yesterday. (Friday)
12.40 Catt, Olimpo 11th 3/1

Today: 15.20 Her, Shifting Alliance

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Please Note: I do not keep records of this tip, I just want to show readers how good it can be but part of learning should be to watch what a selection does daily.

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Back test system ( "A 'back' system that I came up with a while ago")

This system is available as part of The Pro Betting Systems e-book.

1:30 Chep, King Fontaine EP 1.56 5th 4/9

Today. 2:20 Hrfd, Cracboumwiz EP 3.4

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing "backing" these selections.

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Have a good days racing.


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