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29th October 2008

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

My new system test is still going well and although we had a bit of a loss this week while stretching the algorithm but we had actually had a win before we decided to make some new test.

I have settled on a "stop at a winner" type plan which I think will work very well with this idea. I think with a little more tweaking of the new bot and a little more testing on the algorithm we will be ready for the whole thing to be put on autopilot, which I am really looking forward to testing.

My other system which is betting on mainly "player" events like Tennis and Snooker is also going well. Again we had a little bit of a bad run last week on Tennis but this gave me an opportunity to look at the way I was betting and allowed me to make some adjustments which I think long term will make a lot of difference.

As always I will keep you informed of how the test are going over the next couple of weeks and I will hopefully be able to show you some screen shots of my bank increasing daily!

I was reading one of the systems in the ebook about laying favourites under 2.00. Not all favourites of course, just the ones selected by the system. What interest me was the authors slant on staking and again it pinpoints how the type of stake you use, can influence your profit.

In this particular case you bet to the same liability (stake divided by odds) everytime and although you would have your fair share of wins and loses because you used liability often your winnings would far outweigh any losses especially at very low odds.

Lets take a look what would happen if we fixed our liability at £25.

We bet on a hot favourite at 1.3

If the hot favourite wins then we lose £25 because that is our liability, but what if it loses?

25 / (1.3 -1 ) = £83.33

Just so you are clear when laying to liability at under 2.0, your winnings will always be more than your losses. In the above example although our lay stake was £83.33 our actual loss would only have been £25

£83.33 x (1.3 -1 ) = £25

Using the system described in the this turned out to create a lot more profit than using level stakes.

As always you have to do the research to make sure it suits the selection method you are using.

Guest Selection ("Good to Lay" ) started 27/08/2008

There is only one rule: If the NR reduction factor is 10% or more (check the "Rules" tab to the left of the market) on the market then it is a "No bet". Because of this, it is obviously better to bet nearer the off.
(Mal - The author will send me a new updated sheet once a week)

4.10 Yar: Quince EP 50 NR

Today's. 4.00 G.L.: Titan Triumph EP 12

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Layback Racing Lays
Time: 15:10 Race: Nottingham
Tip: Rhadegunda

Time: 15:20 Race: Huntingdon
Tip: Cant Buy Time

Time: 15:30 Race: Great Leighs
Tip: Tobond

Time: 19:50 Race: Kempton
Tip: Film Set

Time: 20:50 Race: Kempton
Tip: Lake Windermere

Time: 14:00 Race: Great Leighs
Tip: Alonso De Guzman

Time: 14:00 Race: Great Leighs
Tip: Alonso De Guzman

Time: 13:10 Race: Nottingham
Tip: Jonahs Cruising
Comment for this tip: Early bf 3

Time: 13:50 Race: Huntingdon
Tip: Green Wadi
Comment for this tip: Early bf 2.64

Time: 16:30 Race: Great Leighs
Tip: Orbitor
Comment for this tip: Early bf 3.35

Time: 18:50 Race: Kempton
Tip: Officer In Command
Comment for this tip: Early bf 2.76

Best Lay of the Day ("1 Lay a day from my Lay betting System")

No Nap

Today: 15.50 Hunt, Markington

Please Note: The lay betting system is actually 4 systems in 1 and I will choose one of the selections for this tip.

You can purchase the system formula:

Please Note: I do not keep records of this tip, I just want to show readers how good it can be but part of learning should be to watch what a selection does daily.

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Back test system ( "A 'back' system that I came up with a while ago")

This system is available as part of The Pro Betting Systems e-book.

13:40, Yarm, Desert Creek EP 1.79 1st 8/13

Today. Sorry no nap today.

Remember this is just a test and we are paper testing "backing" these selections.

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Have a good days racing.


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