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12th February 2009

Todays ramblings
Good Morning.

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Part 1 of a 2 part article.
By Michael Wilding is a professional gambler and the author of the Puntology betting course

Something that is very seldom talked about is transferring strategies and methodologies that you may have created in one sport to another. The more you bet and the more professional you become, you will start to understand that many strategies are completely transferable from one sport to another. As long as you have done your background work on the sport and its markets first then you should be able to see which of your methods you can transfer. The ability to be able to do this can increase your betting portfolio dramatically, as well as creating a very easy way for you to get into another sport relatively quickly.

How do you start to look for transferable methodologies? I think that the best way for me to explain how to do this, is by taking you through an example. Initially, you need to have a look at what is similar between two sports. As a lot of people start betting on horse racing I shall look at ways of transferring strategies from the horses to other sports. When beginning, it is best to look at similar sports and a similar sport to horse racing is greyhounds, it also happens to be one in which I have just started to dip my toes. So why is greyhound racing similar to horse racing? Well, most obviously, this sport is based on animals and not humans, it is a race and a number of the statistical measurements are similar to horse racing. Please do not get confused, I am not saying by any means that horse racing and greyhound racing are very close to each other, but just that they are similar enough to be able to transfer the skills made in horse racing with relative ease.

Once that you have decided which sport you are going to look at, you need to find out what information there is out there that you can use to your advantage. The first item you will need is a terminology guide, and in the Betting School members' website there is an article which explains all the greyhound terminology. Next, you need to become very familiar with the race cards. You can get race cards for greyhound racing from a number of websites. Each site displays them in different formats and with different amounts of information.

For example, I personally feel that the Racing Post has the most user friendly display of the race cards and, on top of this, it also has the largest amount of information on each of the dogs' past races. However, the William Hill greyhound form has other features such as telling you the dog with the best start and finish speeds, conveniently shown in a graphic format. You need to choose one that you find the easiest to work with and remember, or even better - write down, any information that is given on other sites which you can't get on your chosen site. This will then allow you to use multiple sites for the maximum amount of information.

Having done this, spend the time to go through a number of race cards until you are totally happy that you understand precisely what everything on them means. As you can see, in a very short space of time, you have made yourself totally comfortable with reading the race cards, and knowing the best places to get the information that you will need in order to convert your strategies from one type of racing to another.

Michael Wilding is a professional gambler and the author of the Puntology betting course. He is also a regular contributor to the Betting School Insiders Club report where this article was first published. You can get a free sample of the Betting School Insiders Club report at....

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Time: 14:10 Race: Ling
Back - Prairie Hawk 1st 5/6
Lay - Orchard House 3rd 25/1

Stop at a Winner
Time: 13:55 Race: Muss
Tip 1 - Son of Flicka Abandoned
Tip 2 - Glencree Abandoned
Time: 14:10 Race: Ling
Tip 1 - Prairie Hawk 1st 5/6
Tip 2 - Safin 9th 14/1
Time: 14:25 Race: Muss
Tip 1 - Caravel Abandoned
Tip 2 - Resounding Glory Abandoned

Double Your Chances
Time: 17:15 Race: Kemp
Back - Safebreaker
Lay - Copperwood

Stop at a Winner
Time: 14:25 Race: Sthl
Tip 1 - Lady Longcroft
Tip 2 - Bering de Lauriere
Time: 14:45 Race: Chep
Tip 1 - The Gossmoor Yank
Tip 2 - Little Josh
Time: 15:20 Race: Chep
Tip 1 - Presenting Copper
Tip 2 - Mister Potter

If either runner is a NR then take the best priced runner or next best priced runner.

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